Tryout Process (Alvinston Minor Ball)

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logo.pngIt is the intention of the Alvinston Minor Ball Association to provide all players with an opportunity to attend tryouts for their respective team. In order to do so, the team coach will provide 2-3 dates for tryouts. Each player is expected to attend at least one of the scheduled tryouts. Players are not required to attend all of the tryouts, but are highly recommended to do so, to achieve their highest evaluation.

Each player will be assessed and scored separately by three individual evaluators, one of which may be the coach, with at least 2 outside individuals not associated with the team acting as evaluators.

The players will evaluated on the basic fundamental skills of baseball which include: catching, throwing, fielding, hitting and base running. Attitude and teamwork are two other criteria which will likely be taken into account as well. 

After all the tryouts are completed, the player’s highest evaluation will be used by the coach in selecting the team. Consistent scores over all tryouts can also be a contributing factor to selection for a particular player.  

This tryout process has been adopted by the Alvinston Minor Ball Executive – for the 2017 season